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Ultimate sculpting glow  

An indulgent therapeutic massage based treatment. Focussing on lymphatic drainage to detoxify and revitalise, followed by unique sculpting movements to plump the skin surface and tone the facial muscles.

1 hour 

London monthly maintenance

A bespoke maintenance facial, perfect to renew and deep cleanse the skin. Essential for all skin types. With the perfect balance of tailored hands-on techniques and non invasive electrical devices. Includes Ozone steaming, extraction (including milia), anti bacterial high frequency and sequenced massage. (A milder, gentle version of the facial can be tailored for teenagers with hormonal skin)

1 hour and 30 minutes

Parisian aesthetics

A classic elegant treatment, inspired by French beauty. This luxurious facial replenishes the skin surface and enhances your natural features. Skin will be brightened, hydrated and plumped. Includes maintenance such as: eyelash and eyebrow tinting, eyebrow shaping and any other facial hair removal. (A patch test required) 

1 hour and 30 minutes


Back massage

A focused tailored treatment targeting your problem areas. Soothing effleurage movements warm the muscles, allowing me to apply pressure to eliminate any aches and pains.

30 minutes

Full body massage

Traditional Swedish full body massage with an holistic approach. Leaving your body feeling relaxed, relieved and balanced.

1 hour and 15 minutes

Purely abdominal work

Massage to the abdomen brings many health benefits to the body.  Increasing blood flow and improving oxygen supply to the vital organs such as the liver stimulates natural detoxification. Relaxing tension in the muscles surrounding the colon breaks down congestion and blockages.  Massage to this area can release emotional tension. This massage offers improved toning and strengthening of the abdominal muscles. 

25 minutes

Pregnancy massage

A beautiful intuitive treatment, nurturing and relaxing the mother and baby.With slow motion movements, treating and relieving the muscular tension and joint discomfort that can accompany pregnancy.

1 hour and 15 mins

Indian head champissage

Concentrated Indian head treatment, using practised traditional methods throughout. Releasing tension in the trapezius, neck, scalp and face. Can aid symptoms such as stress, insomnia, hair growth, headaches, and soothe and balance energy flows.  

45 mins 

Aromatherapy massage

A highly therapeutic massage with the use of essential oils. By establishing your concerns in consultation, this allows me to create

your own person aromatic blend. My knowledge of the essential oils' properties will guide me on what you need for that

particular day.

1 hour and 15mins

Alternative therapies

Hopi ear candles

This specially designed hollow candle is rested on the outside of the ear canal. The end of the candle is safely lit whilst securely held. The warm honey based air from the candle warms up the eustachian tube in the ear resulting in gently massaging the ear drum and regulating ear pressure. Following on from the candle I will then incorporate a lymphatic drainage and sinus facial massage. This treatment can also help with tinnitus, sinusitis, travel sickness, excessive ear wax, hay fever, headaches.

1 hour


Here are many of my happy brides who's skin I've prepped months before their big day. If you're a bride to be and want to achieve happy glowing wedding skin, I offer tailor-made treatments. Book a course in advance....