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Our treatments offer a guaranteed escape to recharge both emotionally and physically. Experience relaxation, comfort, and a sense of balance. Rhian Truman Therapies offers the perfect respite from life's demands and stresses, providing an oasis of calm where you can reset and rejuvenate.

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Our commitment to impartiality means we aren't limited to a single brand. We bring you a curated collection of high-quality products that are handpicked to address your unique skincare needs. Shop with confidence, knowing that every product we feature has been chosen with your skincare success in mind.

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Rhian is a renowned facialist with 15 years’ experience working with the UK’s leading beauty brands, editors, and celebrities. She recently served as Resident Facialist at Soho Farmhouse.

Rhian’s approach to skincare has made her one of the most sought after facialists in the UK today. Having trained at the acclaimed Champneys College, her extraordinary standards and emphasis on natural, exceptional results see her clients travelling from wide and far to seek her advice and care.

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We stand apart in the skincare industry with our classic, hands-on approach, devoid of shortcuts and gimmicks. We use our hands, not machinery to mask treatments and skills. Our treatments are thoughtfully curated, free from brand affiliations, ensuring unbiased recommendations that prioritise our clients' unique needs.

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Rhian’s unique, brand-agnostic approach has led to features in Vogue, Phoenix, Women’s Health and more. We are not tied to one brand, ensuring complete impartiality in our product recommendations. This flexibility allows us to tailor treatments with a variety of high-quality products for each individual person.

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Skincare Plan

Feel confident with a personal skin care plan, utilising a broad range of products and techniques recommended to help enhance your post facial glow. Simplified. Unbiased. Unique.

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Our Promise to You

Bespoke Treatments with a Classic Approach

Embracing a hands-on, classic approach, we prioritise your skin's health without resorting to shortcuts or expensive gadgets. Our commitment to timeless techniques ensures a genuine and effective experience.

Emphasis on Sculpting Massage and Lymphatic Drainage

Our "magic hands" provide an unmatched level of care, making you feel special, seen, and nurtured throughout your skincare journey.

Classically Trained and Tailor-Made

We proudly offer personalised treatments and an extensive repertoire of knowledge rooted in classic training, ensuring each experience is tailor-made to your unique needs.

Comprehensive Consultations

Before and after treatments, we take the time to thoroughly understand your skin requirements. Our expert recommendations encompass not just products but skin improvement techniques.

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