We stand apart in the skincare industry with our classic, hands-on approach, devoid of shortcuts and gimmicks. We use our hands, not machinery to mask treatments and skills. Our treatments are thoughtfully curated, free from brand affiliations, ensuring unbiased recommendations that prioritise our clients' unique needs.


Our personalised consultations offer the time and space for us to fully understand our clients' needs. We simplify the world of beauty by debunking myths and empowering clients with essential skincare knowledge. Before and after treatments, we take the time to thoroughly understand your skin requirements.

Our expert recommendations encompass not just products but skin improvement techniques.


London Monthly Maintenance

A bespoke maintenance facial, perfect to renew and deep cleanse the skin. Essential for all skin types. With the perfect balance of tailored hands-on techniques and non-invasive electrical devices. Includes Ozone steaming, extraction (including milia), antibacterial high frequency and sequenced massage.

(A milder, gentle version of the facial can be tailored for teenagers with hormonal skin)

(1 hour and 30 minutes)

Price: £200*

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Ultimate Sculpting Glow

An indulgent therapeutic, facial massage based treatment. Focusing on lymphatic drainage to detoxify and revitalise, followed by unique sculpting movements to plump the skin surface and tone the facial muscles.

(1 hour)

Price: £170*

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Bridal Skin

Bride to be and seeking healthy, radiant-looking skin for your special day? Rhian would love to have a one-on-one chat with you to organise a bespoke course of treatments in the lead up to your wedding.

(Bespoke treatment length)

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Cacao Transcendence: Facial Fusion

Embrace the harmonious blend of cacao-infused relaxation and revitalising facial therapy, unveiling your inner radiance and igniting pure joy.

(1 hour and 30 minutes)

Price: £200

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New Client Information

* For first-time clients a one off consultation is required in person before the treatment starts. This is so Rhian can gather as much information about your skin and health as possible to ensure you get the most out of your future treatments. The cost is £50.00 for the initial consultation.

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